For INCUSA, quality management is a fundamental issue of its development. Actually, the full control from the extraction of the deposit up to the elaboration of a product that meets the requirements of the customers, without forgetting of course the service and the follow-up of the customers, are in every aspect essential.

With its Quality Control Management System, INCUSA commits itself to running, according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, all its organisation and strive to continuously improve all its processes, its products and services, as this is clearly stated in the General Quality Policy.

The laboratory of INCUSA is in permanent contact with the production by controlling the products at numerous steps of its fabrication by means of automatic sampling system. The number of available analytical equipments along with the steady innovation of these ones enables INCUSA to carry out the trials that our customers need according to the end use of the products.

INCUSA has always invested in going forward at the same pace as the different markets evolve, especially products of high client interest. This will to go forward towards future results in a steady development, in the systematic study of new techniques as much for the technical support to its customers as to its own suppliers. On the other hand, INCUSA takes part in research projects with various Technical Centres.
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