INCUSA is situated in an exceptional natural site with a large animal and vegetation diversity. We are privileged in having wonderful landscapes, that INCUSA endeavours to maintain unchanged. It collaborates concretely to ensure its future.

With its Policy towards Environment, INCUSA gets deliberately involved in the safeguard of environment , as the certificate of the AENOR regarding the organisation set up around the ISO 14001:2015 standard ‘Environment Management System’ shows it.

Besides the daily care of all the staff, INCUSA, once a year, celebrates the Day of the Tree. It is a very special day when the pupils of the surrounding schools gather in our plant and contribute to looking after our nature by planting some trees. (foto) By doing this, not only the surfaces exploited are restored thanks to the planting of more 3,000 trees each year, but there is also an incredible impact on the children to make them, and therefore those who will take over from us, more aware of the environmental issues.