Silica Sand

The great experience of INCUSA made possible the development of a large range of silica sands resulting from an industrial process that enables us to obtain different chemical compositions and grain size distribution fully controlled, to comply with all the requirements of each of its customers.
The high content in Silica (SiO2) permits us to consider INCUSA as the largest supplier to the Spanish glass industry.

The sphericity of their grains, the absence of heavy minerals, the fine grain size cuts together with their refractory properties, make these silica sands particularly well adapted to the production of foundry casts.

The great homogeneity and purity account for unquestionable properties for any kind of applications as tiles glue and dry mortars.

At last, its sphericity and grain size distribution give them a special place in the construction of sports grounds , (golf course, football pitch, horse race course, beach-volley…) since its draining properties, a fundamental quality in this kind of grounds, are unrivalled.

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